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A professional physiotherapist in Aylesbury

Over 35 years of experience as a physiotherapist

Stephen Reece at The Physio Clinic is a professional physiotherapy practitioner aiming to provide natural solutions to body pains. My clinic is in Aylesbury and I receive patients from across Thame and the surrounding areas. 
Emphasising an analytical and natural approach above invasive medication and surgery based treatments I can help you to return to health in a relaxed and friendly environment. You can contact me for pain relief therapy, trapped nerve treatment and muscle pain treatment. My years of experience in this field enables me to accurately diagnose a problem and start with the correct treatment for you to have a speedy recovery.

Reliable physiotherapy services

Sports injury treatments
Sports injury treatments
Being a sportsman does keep you healthy, but when you are down with an injury don’t let it keep you down for too long. Call Stephen Reece at The Physio Clinic and book one of my physiotherapy sessions. I take a step-by-step approach starting with finding the origin of the problem and then start with the treatment. I use a combination of physiotherapy and acupuncture techniques to accelerate the healing process so you can get back on the track again in no time. 
Shoulder pain
Physiotherapy can treat
  • Sports injury 
  • Muscle pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Joint, neck and back problems
For more details about the wide range of physiotherapy services that I offer, call me on   01296 336 755
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